A country of prostitutes

(With apologies to the more noble practitioners of the profession)

“What is happening to our country?” Former Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez, or whoever the fellow was who uttered these words during a dark period in our country’s history, must be melting in his grave like molten rock unable to decipher what’s going on in this increasingly benighted land of ours. When the people who are tasked to defend the Constitution and stand by the rule of law are the very same ones who are circumventing the principles they were sworn to uphold, where does this lead us – hapless citizens of a Republic run by vested interests, unmitigated greed and naked lust for power?

The dark forces of evil are enveloping the Motherland once again, and we don’t even know it. This is worse than the announcement of the declaration of Martial Law, I dare say. Worse than the massacre at Tiananmen Square even, for the sheer brazenness of Supreme Court justices ignoring the letter of the law – for what? Is money truly the end-all and be-all of everyone’s existence on this planet? Has honor, decency and uprightness departed from the collective moral fiber of our being? Are we going to the dogs yet?

Thus, it is not so secret anymore. It is clear as sunlight that Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares is President Aquino’s ‘Secret Candidate’ after all. ‘Plan B’ is now on second gear. Four of the six justices that this shameless caricature of a leader appointed to the High Tribunal voted in her favor, including the Chief Justice who even lawyered for her during the hearings. Five more have been swayed (or threatened?) to the dark side by the color of their gut. Pathetic hoodlums in robes. Now I know that they do exist. (Sorry about that, my friends in the judiciary. You do not belong to their category.)

Has our generation of EDSA-inured crybabies seen the likes of this travesty before? Because sure as hell our grandfathers didn’t. They lived in more honorable times, when integrity was paramount and respectability was more important than wealth. But that is a reality devoutly to be wished for in this utterly disreputable time. If we are governed by people who have no scruples about everything and anything, anarchy will not be far behind. What rule of law? It has been thrown away by the robed monsters sitting at the high benches that they don’t deserve.

What a shame. What a f****** crying shame.

So, what happens to the anointed candidate now? Whom will the COMELEC fountain of magic bless if there are two candidates vying for the electronic harum scarum? Will Mar Roxas stage a mutiny of sorts? Will Grace Llamanzares start acting, if she hasn’t yet, like the victor? Or, now that she is an ‘official’ candidate, pending motions for reconsideration, more dirt will be dug up against her?

Interesting times but not the type that attracts good vibes. When the Chinese purportedly say, may you live in interesting times, they are placing a curse on you, or so the “legend” goes. Curses, then, specifically, to the oligarchs (Mr. A, can you hear me?) who are financing this mockery of our self-styled democracy and the so-called legal luminaries (yes, you, former chief justice) who exerted undue influence on their former colleagues. How much do you love your country? Obviously not more than you love yourselves.

sc justices


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