This Grace-less Woman


What’s so special about this Grace Poe Llamanzares woman that even the Supreme Court has to bend over backwards and sidestep the law just to accommodate her overweening ambition to become President of the Philippines – the Perlas ng Silangan which she abandoned for the Land of Milk and Honey not too long ago?

What has she done for this country that the very foundations on which it stands are now wobbling on knees viciously struck from behind with a dos-por-dos nine times over?

What has she done for the Filipino people that she once turned her back on except mouth empty rhetoric and resurrect the ghost of celluloid fantasy just to charm her way to the clueless and naïve?

What has she done, period?

Why would a supposedly erudite group of men (and a black magic woman) succumb to the evil winds blown by power and greed dangling carrots and sticks, and consign to the trash bin as crumpled pieces of scrap the Supreme Law of the Land for the benefit of one audacious female?


What makes this ex-Filipino, ex-American, Filipino-again-for-convenience’s-sake assume that she can lead this vociferous nation of 100 million based on her miniscule experience at anything that has to do with ‘managing’, let alone at ‘governing’?

What makes us, ignorant people, assume that she is her own person and won’t be manipulated by the very same evil forces to whom she owes this egoistic, self-serving journey to the apex of her ambition?

Why is she being bestowed this sense of entitlement just because she is leading in specious surveys allegedly participated in by ‘respondents’ who should know better than to say they will vote for her so she can continue what her “father” had started? Duh?

Why does she flaunt this messianic complex that she alone can solve the problems of this country because she is “untainted” by corruption having barely warmed her Senate seat, and that the Supreme Court ruling was a “victory for the oppressed” and “influenced by divine intervention”?


[Really? Who oppressed you, Senator Llamanzares? Your biological parents for not acknowledging you? What has that got to do with the rest of us? Didn’t your adoptive parents give you a good life? Didn’t you live a luxurious existence as well in America? And please, don’t count yourself among the millions of hardworking Filipinos overseas. They don’t have the kind of life you’ve had since you were a “foundling”. They excrete blood, sweat and tears for their families. While you never had it so good – past, present and future.

What kind of divinity (or divinities) intervened to hand you the “victory”? The duck that sits weeping by the River Pasig and the shadowy characters masquerading as capitalists? Did you also invoke those deities when you committed “honest mistake(s)” while filing your Certificate(s) of Candidacy and using a dead man’s SSN while living in the United States? Give us a break.]


Why was she chosen by those rapacious oligarchs pouring more money into her already humungous kitty, the same not-so-invisible elite who have been running this country since they came back from the dead and determining who wins elections by sleight of hand and a pull at the slot machine? Because she is the least likely to spurn them once payback time comes? Because one won’t take their money, another has already accumulated a lot of money, and the other one doesn’t need their money?

How in the world can she lead on the back of the most belligerent campaign for the presidency the electorate has seen in recent memory caused mainly by her lack of humility and abundance of pride?

How in hell does she think that Filipinos all over the archipelago will take this travesty of justice sitting down and just swallow her fraudulence like inveterate movie fans lapping up her adoptive father’s make-believe machine-gun punches till kingdom come?

How in hell do those people who are responsible for making a mockery of the Law think that the Filipino people will not take umbrage? Do they really consider us as a nation of suckers? Fools? Morons? Idiots?

Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares knows deep in her so-called Gobyernong May Puso that she is not qualified to even be a candidate. She knows that she is a fraud, and lying or cheating is something that she has NOT not ever done before. The dirt are now being thrown at her direction in quick succession. Will she be able to hack them all?


If you truly love the Philippines, Senator Llamanzares, then do us a favor. Just go back to the place of domicile that members of your family obviously prefer and leave our country to be run like hell by true-blue Filipinos. Live up to your name and let grace, not greed, rule over your head.

To quote the words of Associate Justice Mariano Del Castillo: “We do not want to wake up someday and see our beloved country teeming with foreigners and aliens posing as natural-born Filipinos while the real natives are thrown into oblivion or relegated as second or third class citizens.”

That is what you have done to the republic that you formerly forsook, Mrs. Llamanzares. You have shattered the rule of law to suit your own selfish ends. God knows where the schism that you created will lead us. God forbid that you get what you want.

As for foreigners and aliens posing as natural-born Filipinos, or acquiring and re-acquiring Filipino citizenship as the case may be – c’est la vie. As long as they don’t aspire to be President.



One thought on “This Grace-less Woman

  1. (This is my friend, Leandro Coronel’s column piece for March 14. We are saying basically the same thing.)

    Manila Bulletin
    The issue against Grace Poe
    By Leandro DD Coronel

    A knife at Grace Poe’s slender neck has been withdrawn, thanks to the Supreme Court. She’s now free to run for president.

    Did she just buy herself a ticket to the highest office? It’s possible but personally I hope not.

    What are the objections to Poe’s becoming president, according to her opponents?

    One, she’s inexperienced. Poe oversells herself when she claims that her stint at the censors board, the MTRCB, qualifies her to be president. Another columnist, I believe it was the nonpareil Solita Monsod, who characterized the MTRCB as essentially just a committee.

    That’s like Edu Manzano or Ronnie Ricketts boasting he can be president because he has been chairmen of the Optical Media Board which regulates the production and marketing of DVDs.

    Two, Poe taught pre-school in a Montessori school in the United States. Teaching is a noble profession but pre-school doesn’t put Poe on the level of, well, Monsod again, who was(is?) on the faculty of the University of the Philippines.

    I doubt if any savvy headhunter would hire Poe as a senior manager. Much less chief executive officer of any major company. But if the people want a neophyte and inexperienced CEO for the country then, as the saying goes, they get the leader they deserve.

    But this isn’t even my issue with Ms. Poe.

    My issue with Poe’s candidacy for president is her abandonment of the Philippines for the United States earlier in her life.

    (I was one of the first to tackle this issue. The first one I saw in print was an op-ed piece by former Rep. Edcel Lagman in another newspaper.)

    Poe left the Philippines and migrated to the United States where she applied for US citizenship. Acquisition of US citizenship requires that an applicant renounces his or her native citizenship and vows complete allegiance to his or her adopted country.

    Poe did that. She exchanged her Filipino citizenship for a US citizenship and swore to be loyal to the United States and to no other nation (including the Philippines).

    She lived in the United States as a US citizen. Later, she acquired dual citizenship as both an American and a Filipino. We Filipinos have a saying that goes: “Namamangka sa dalawang ilog,” literally boating in two rivers, which means double-dealing or treachery. Or opportunism.

    Thousands of Filipinos who live in America opt for US citizenship to enjoy the full benefits of American life. There’s no problem with that if the person intends to live forever in the United States. Better still to be a dual citizen to have the best of two worlds.

    But that’s for Filipinos who want to live abroad for the rest of their lives. Or those who have no intentions of becoming public servants in the Philippines.

    In the case of Grace Poe, here’s someone who had deserted her country, formally declaring loyalty to the United States to qualify as a US citizen. And now she wants to be president of the very country that she abandoned?

    If that’s not utter opportunism, it’s hard to think what is. Throwing away one’s citizenship is like throwing a rag in the garbage.

    If Grace Poe has the slightest decency and delicadeza, she wouldn’t have even thought of running for high office, the Senate or the presidency.

    What Poe is doing is sheer chutzpah, or gall, to now be parading herself before the same people she had abandoned before, courting them for their votes. It’s the height of hypocrisy to now be mouthing expressions of love for the very same country she had exchanged for another before.

    Surveys say some 26 percent of potential voters like Poe. That’s a shame.

    The hope is that 74 percent of us Filipinos will vote to deny Poe the presidency. And that the 26 percent who like her will change their minds because she had abandoned our country before, dumping her allegiance to the Philippines in the garbage.



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